Money Fit Kids

Financial Literacy for Children

8-11 year-old students*

Money Fit Kids is a financial literacy program that uses an original curriculum, age-appropriate board games, books, field trips, and movies to cover topics such as the earning, saving, and giving of income, how income and sales taxes works, debt avoidance in college planning, and investing. Additionally, the participants have the opportunity to develop their natural gifts and talents and explore entrepreneurship.

*Age range is flexible given the maturity of the participant.

12-17 year old students*

In addition to the lessons taught to the younger students, participants will draft their own realistic budget, learn the positives and negatives of compound interest, and discover the differences between cash and credit.

*Age range is flexible given maturity of participant.

Either program may be offered as a camp, after-school activity, or school elective. To sign-up your school, church, organization, or individual child, contact us today. If you are interested in booking Nicole to speak about raising a Money Fit Kid, read more.

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