Texas Homeschool Laws

The Homeschool Friendly State

Texas is one of the best places in America to homeschool if you desire the freedom to educate your children as you see fit. While we are subject to the below-mentioned guidelines, as Texan citizens we have a great deal of flexibility in how we home educate. The following, however, are a few legal matters that you should consider before and during homeschooling:

1.) Homeschools are considered “private schools.” We are not subject to compulsory attendance requirements. This also means that we are NOT required to follow the ISD schedule. If you choose not to follow this schedule, however, and you are under a court order involving your child, I suggest that you have a homeschool schedule that would not run afoul of the current order. Alternatively, if possible, it is always best for the co-parents to create an agreement without court intervention.

2.) You must teach a bonafide curriculum. This means that you are required to us written or video materials. You may use audio resources as a supplement.

3.) You are not required to perform standardized testing. I, however, recommend it if you want to know your child’s academic level according to state standards. Moreover, if your child will be transferring to a public or traditional private school, testing is typically required. Finally, I also recommend standardized testing for special programs in which your child will only be able to participate if she or he is tested.

4.) The Texas Education Agency on requirements for homeschooling.

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